What makes sites like Diply go viral?

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I covered a post about becoming one of the most popular social sharing sites in the world. The site is not much different from BuzzFeed but growth wise, Diply is taking over the social-sphere…well at least it seems that way.

Oddly enough, I have never seen anyone share Diply content on my Twitter feed but have seen loads of people share BuzzFeed posts. But that’s the other thing, majority of Diply’s content seem to be coming from Facebook and Google Plus (again, I might be wrong on this). They also spend money on Alexa to track their site statistics which not many other sites actually do. So this would inflate the site numbers by quite a lot.

Instead of getting into the technicalities about whether Diply is “the fastest growing websites in the world” or not, though I may not share the same taste in the content, from an entrepreneurial perspective I do have to give them credit for finding that teen market and completely taking over the age group.


Enough of digressing and let us answer the question of this post: What makes sites like Diply go viral?

I already answered some of this in the post, but lets just make a nice and pretty list:

1. Diply focuses on a specific group

They have a targeted audience and its a pretty big one. And despite how big that audience is, many bloggers especially forget to target their content towards that age group (13-19). I am willing to bet majority of their 80+ million views are from students who are still in high school or starting their freshman year in college. Note: I said majority, not all.

2. They understand people have a short attention span

The current generation have strayed from reading books, much of that has to do with the spread of technology. It is hard for people to even read a 400 worded article (including myself most of the time) now because the mind is so wired on images and videos. What people can handle though, are lists. People love lists because they are not too wordy and get right to the point.

3. Diply focuses a lot on Facebook marketing

Diply has a huge Facebook fan base. Facebook is still the most dominant social media tool for bloggers and will continue to be. Unless you are Justin Bieber, Twitter will not get the same amount of conversion Facebook can get you. Twitter is an excellent tool to build a brand but for site conversions, Facebook hands down is the best tool for viral contenting and promotion.

4. Despite heavy Facebook marketing, they exhaust their efforts on different on other social sharing sites

Sites like Reddit and StumbleUpon are excellent sites for your website and brand to get exposure. Social media is not just about Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. There are many other great outlets for sites to market their blogs and services. Reddit is one of them.

5. Titles and featured images are extremely important

Titles and featured images are the most important part of the blog posts. These are the hooks that get people to read your content. You will get people randomly favorite, like and tweet it without actually reading the content just based around the title and featured images.

They know readers will get hooked to their ridiculous titles like “24 reasons you should eat a turtle before you die”. No matter how retarded this title sounds for some reason, thousands of people will be interested in reading that article just based on the title.

6. Money spent on beauty

Focus needs to be put on design and artwork. In the digital age, graphic designers and web developers are extremely important. They are the backbone of your success in business.

To sum up what makes sites like Diply go viral:

1. They focus on specific demographic.

2. Understanding the demographic and develop their marketing strategies accordingly.

3. Facebook marketing, to have a long and lasting blog, Facebook is the best way to go.

4. They still exhaust their efforts on various social media outlets especially Reddit and StumbleUpn.

5. Titles and featured images are the first impressions. Make them as interesting as possible.

6. Design and graphic arts helps businesses and blogs grow exponentially.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Share some of your thoughts below.





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